Online Yoga Classes

The more we take care of ourselves, the stronger we will make our immune systems, and we will triumph over this dreadful virus.
I encourage you to try to keep your time reading, listening and watching the news to a minimum. Be smart and be diligent with your hygiene. Eat anti-inflammatory foods, drink lots of water (every 15 minutes would be great), get good sleep. Take this time with our families at home to spend time together doing the things we love and often postpone. Slow the pace down. Breathe.

For the week of April 6 – 12, 2020 (All Classes Open Level):

Monday, April 6:
                 8:30-9:15am ~ Flow & Stretch
Tuesday, April 7:
                11:00-11:45am ~ Strength
                7:00-7:45pm ~ Power
Wednesday, April 8:
                 Private Sessions
Thursday, April 9:
                8:30-9:15am ~ Strength
Friday, April 10:
                10:00-10:45am ~ Flow & Stretch
Saturday, April 11:
                11:15am-12:15pm (60 min) ~ Flow & Stretch
Sunday, April 12:
                 Private Sessions

Send me a text (310) 213-7553 or email and let me know which classes you’d like to attend this week. I will send you the invite link(s).

Download the free Zoom video conferencing app on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Set up your mat someplace with minimal distractions. Using as large a screen as possible so you can see me easily, prop up your fully-charged device in such a way so you can see me and I can see your mat, your full body (ideally), but at least your legs, feet and torso so I can make alignment suggestions.

Rates: (First Class Free)
Drop-in: single class: $15
5 class pack: $65 ($13 ea) – 4 mth expiration
10 class pack: $120 ($12 ea) – 6 mth expiration
20 class pack: $200 ($10 ea) – 8 mth expiration
1 mth unlimited: $150 (currently offering 24 online classes per month)

Financial hardship due to COVID-19: Pay what you can. No stress. Let’s just do yoga.

Forms of payment accepted:
Venmo @hereandnowyoga
Chase QuickPay / Zelle:
Credit cards accepted via Square and PayPal ~ contact for details

Stay in. Stay healthy.
Post yoga-class glow shines through the computer screen!
Online Classes “Gallery View”.
I can see all my students and you have two different angles of me.
Online Classes “Gallery View”.
I can see all my students and you have two different angles of me.

Keeping an eye on everyone’s alignment. This is my screen in “Gallery View”.
You can choose to see just the instructor (“Speaker View”), or everyone in the class (“Gallery View”). Most students choose to see just the instructor; feeling more one-on-one.