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Here and Now Yoga, Wellness & Arts Collective, LLC, located in Floral Park, NY was established in 2023 by Michelle Ingkavet Cavanagh and Dina Denis-Paolucci. Our collective traces its roots back to the original Here and Now Yoga, founded by Michelle in 2010. United by a shared vision, we are committed to expanding the reach of yoga by providing a welcoming space for our community to gather, practice, learn, and grow together.

At Here and Now Yoga, we firmly believe that yoga is not just an exercise—it’s a lifestyle. Embracing yoga opens the door to countless self-fulfilling experiences, personal development, and intrinsic gifts. Our mission is to make yoga accessible to all, regardless of age or ability, and to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can explore their own path to wellness.

Join us on this transformative journey as we cultivate a space where mindfulness, wellness, and community flourish, propelling Here and Now Yoga, Wellness & Arts Collective into a beacon of inclusivity and holistic well-being.