Upcoming 2022 WORKSHOPS: TBD


Corporate Workshops / Events (outdoors or online)
~ Yoga Lunchtime for employees, Workshops, Events,
~ Yoga & Wine Social Hour

Create Your Own: Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Girls’ Weekends
Have a group of friends and want to create your own semi-private yoga class? Let’s chat and come up with the best ideas to suit your group’s needs. Outdoors or online sessions available.

Inclusive Yoga
with Mary Quinn’s Mark Foundation
(Dates TBD)

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Sat, Apr 30:
9:00-10:30am ~ online Flow
 & Alexander Technique:
45 min yoga w/ Michelle & 45 min – Move with ease with Alexander Technique, guiding you to recognize and increase awareness of your own movement patterns and habits, w/ guest instructor Jane Apostol. (This is a preview offering of the classes at our 2022 Summer Yoga & Wellness Catskills Retreat.)

Sat, Apr 9, 2022:
9:00-10:30am ~ online Flow
 & Coach:
40 min yoga w/ Michelle & 50 min class-basics of self coaching w/ guest instructor Sommer ChettyCoach Me Sommer


March 28, 2021: Mindfulness – The Art of Slowing Down w/ guest instructor: Micheline DeBono (IG: @micheline_yoga)
Focus on being fully present, getting grounded through awareness, scanning the body, breathing techniques, gentle stretching and a nice long savasana with yoga nidra. Reset, center and melt.

Sun, Apr 11, 2021: Balance & Grounding w/ guest instructor: Heesun Kim (IG: @Y2Kxtraining)
Let’s take an hour this Sunday to help center our body & mind using asanas focused on the root chakra, Muladhara.

Sun, May 2nd, 2021: Chakra Flow Yoga w/ guest instructor: Jamie Lyn Skolnick
(FB: jamielyn.skolnick)
Join Jamie as she guides you through a vinyasa flow class that helps to balance all seven chakras. The chakras are an energy system of yoga that focuses on seven wheels of energy along the spine for physical, mental and emotional health. You will learn about poses, breathing exercises, mudras, mantras and lifestyle practices for each chakra from the root to the crown of the head. Please bring a yoga mat, a block and a journal. All levels welcome.

Sun, May 23rd, 2021:Flow & Tellw/ Michelle Cavanagh & guest Alexis Kahoud, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
Two-part class: 1) 30 min: Open level flow, we encourage you to bring awareness to any mental, physical or emotional states that you experience during class. 2) 30 min we will discuss these experiences in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. This class is aimed at deepening the understanding of the mind-body connection at the heart of yoga.