2023 RETREAT ~ “ELEVATE” Here and Now Yoga & Wellness Retreat: Jul 31-Aug 3

☀️RESERVE: 2023 Yoga & Wellness RETREAT ☀️

“Michelle, your approach to yoga reminded me why I love to practice. Your sessions helped me focus on what’s really important to my yoga practice. I can’t tell you how much I needed the lessons and guidance you provided. Thank you, Michelle. …I love your focus, your deep understanding of the body and its limits, your acceptance of all bodies!” ~ Y.S.K.

Mon, Jul 31st – Thu Aug 3rd, 2023
4 days / 3 nights ~ ALL INCLUSIVE
Menla Retreat & Spa, Catskills, NY
~ Spaces Limited ~
is open!

Rates range from $1,400 (camping) to
$2,250 (Deluxe Queen w/ Private Bath)
~ Inquire for additional shared options ~

“Thank you Michelle for your excellent guidance through all of the practices. You are truly a “Here and Now Yogi ” A Yogi who truly respects humanity, environment and all living creatures… You are in safe, expert hands. Michelle’s instructions and leadership are spot on. Coming to her retreat with a physical issue was not interfering in my abilities to perform with her guidance. Thank you Michelle.” ~ Judy G.

Deluxe Private Queen Room (Lhasa Inn / Kathmandu)

Elevate yourself into the fresh mountain air of the Catskills in upstate New York. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or beginner, join us to deepen your yoga practice, awaken your spirit, and rise to the special occasion.

Here and Now Yoga & Wellness Retreat, Menla, Catskill Mountains, NY

Come together for a 4-day, 3-night all-inclusive yoga and wellness retreat in this most lovely secluded setting. This summer will be Here and Now Yoga’s third annual retreat and second time returning to Menla.

Owner/Instructor Michelle Cavanagh will teach open level YOGA classes including Pranayama (breathing exercises), flowing Asana (poses), and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation). Jane Apostol, ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE instructor, guides you in your yoga exploration of how to move with better coordination and ease. Boost your mindset, behavior and choices as Sommer Chetty, EMPOWERMENT COACH helps you move away from a sense of overwhelm, and into the life you choose.

Michelle Cavanagh (Yoga), Jane Apostol (Alexander Technique) & Sommer Chetty (Life Coaching)
  • Deluxe single & double eco-friendly accommodations
  • Commuter option and Camping available
  • 9 Meals: Gourmet vegetarian farm-to-table organic meals straight from the gardens
  • 19 Group Classes / Activities:
  • Yoga (open level)
  • Alexander Technique
  • Life Coaching / Mindset Training
  • Guided Meditation
  • Nature Trails
  • Swimming Pool
  • Badminton
  • Billiards
  • Evening Bonfire
  • Sound Bath
  • Spa / Massage services (additional fee)
Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York
“Menla is so breathtakingly gorgeous, situated on an indigenous sacred land where its magnetic field is very strong. I have so many beautiful photos of the campus from my hikes at dawn on the property, mostly photos capturing the sunrise and the light rays shimmering iridescently on various aspects of nature. I took almost a thousand photos in my short stay there! Truly breathtaking! I even captured the miracle of having a doe and her fawns surrounding me just several feet away from me!”
-Priscila Espinosa
Nature Trails at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

330 acres of private wilderness are at your feet. Clear your mind. Let nature reignite your creative passion. Menla is an official Audubon bird sanctuary, and the calming sound of birdsong is with you from dawn to dusk.

“This was the first wellness retreat I attended. I liked the balance of free time and activities, allowing me time to explore the grounds in thought and reflection on what the instructors shared with us as well as my own thoughts. The setting was absolutely magical. It was really nice getting to know the attendees a bit. …My practice was deepened just by signing up. At the retreat I was challenged and felt ‘accomplished’ at the end of each session. The first indoor ohm I heard since the pandemic was very moving… From a non-vegetarian perspective, the food was great. I haven’t eaten meat since.” ~ J.V.

Yoga at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

“I love the Menla environment and feel it is truly a special place. The retreat schedule was great – a good mix of instructors and classes. And a good group of people just topped it off. Michelle is a wonderful yoga instructor, very kind and fun.” ~ A.B.

“Yoga journey continues ~ more than ever. The benefits are profound at whatever level you are at. Michelle is an excellent instructor Knowledgeable Positions flow smoothly… Calming yet energizing.” ~ C.W.

The grounds at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

~ Spaces Limited ~
is open!

Rates range from $1,400 (camping) to
$2,250 (Deluxe Queen w/ Private Bath)
~ Inquire for additional shared options ~

Tibet in the Catskills. Retreat center, spa and resort. Menla Retreat is a part of Tibet House US, the Dalai Lama’s cultural center in North America. Surrounded by thousands of acres of Catskills forest preserve, Menla’s magical mountain valley features a stunning retreat center & destination spa that offers annual wellness and spiritual retreats, custom personal getaways, and full service group retreat hosting. Menla’s facilities include deluxe private and standard shared accommodations; a world-class Tibetan destination and day spa offering a full menu of services and specializing in ancient Tibetan and Ayurvedic therapies; two yoga studios; a meditation sanctuary; and the largest conference center in the region.

Evening Bonfire at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

Menla Retreat Center, Catskills, NY

The Dewa Spa at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York
Discover the ancient restorative therapies of Tibet at Dewa Spa, Menla’s world-class healing spa and one of the few places in the West where you can experience the Tibetan Ku Nye massage.
The Dewa Spa also offers a wide range of Eastern and Western spa treatments including personalized well being massages, deep tissue, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, acupuncture, reflexology, herbal baths, energy healing, customized facials, sound therapy, intuitive readings, as well as saunas and steam rooms to stimulate and detoxify your system.
Whether you join us for a few hours, a day, or a weekend, Dewa’s selection of treatments and journeys are a unique experience that will leave you feeling thoroughly renewed and regenerated.
You can now book your appointment online! (Closed Tuesdays)

“This is a beautiful retreat center complete with spa nestled in the lush green countryside of the Catskills. Peace and tranquility are the first to greet you upon arriving at Menla.
The staff is warm, professional, and helpful. I have had a couple of massages with hot rocks by a very competent and knowledgeable massage therapist. BEST I have ever had, and I highly recommend going to Dewa Spa at Menla.” – Diane Boehm / Photo by Daniel Aubry
Llasa Building at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

Organic Garden at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York
Swimming Pool at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York
Queen Room (Panther) at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York
The Dewa Spa at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

The Dewa Spa exterior at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

Lhasa Inn, Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York
Deluxe Double accommodations (Lhasa Inn) with Private Bath at Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York
Let the forest bathe your senses. Reconnect with the spirit of your ancestors. Hike ancient forests where hemlocks add other-worldly power to the air. End the day with a bonfire in the moonlight.
Menla Retreat, Catskills, Phoenicia, New York

☀️RESERVE: 2023 Yoga & Wellness RETREAT ☀️