“We all need a little bit of zen right now.”

“I began taking online Yoga classes with Michelle last month when the stay at home order went into effect. I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 15 years and I was curious as to whether or not an online class could still give me the same benefits, but with Michelle it does. Her personality shines through the screen. She is able to modify and give pointers even though the class is a virtual one. I am so happy I purchased a package because of the mental clarity it brings to my day between trying to work from home and home school 3 children. She has several classes each week at different times so I make my work schedule around it. The investment in your health is worth it. We all need a little bit of zen right now.”
~ Eileen P., Floral Park, NY

“I have been attending yoga classes with Michelle for several years and plan to continue. She is skilled at instructing all levels and has a knack for getting people to challenge themselves and progress while having fun/without feeling pressured. I have always enjoyed in-person sessions with Michelle, but have recently become a loyal zoom class attendee during these months of quarantine and shut down. She has worked to truly make the best of the forum. I highly recommend recommend Here and Now Yoga to both novice and experienced practitioners either in person or online.”
~ Nicci K., Queens, NY

“In the months since I’ve started with Michelle, I’ve developed a new relationship with my body. I’ve been able to use it correctly, and notice how much more flexible I’ve become, and strengthened in areas I had never thought about. She is a great yoga teacher: friendly, down to earth, precise, gauging workouts for many levels of experience, and pushing you in thoughtful ways. I highly recommend her classes.”
~ Gaby A., Brooklyn, NY

“Michelle is probably the best yoga instructor I have ever taken, and I have been taking yoga for quite a few years, at many different studios. Yoga is all about the teacher and the energy, and Michelle’s energy shines through. Michelle inspires confidence. She takes me out of my comfort zone, challenges me, and makes those inversions seem easy. I always leave knowing I will have a better day!”
~ Patricia S., Queens, NY

Inversion Workshop, Vitality Yoga, Bayside, NY, 2018

“Since I started practicing yoga in November 2014, I have been attending Michelle Cavanagh’s classes regularly. Michelle is an outstanding yoga instructor in every sense of the word. She is a gifted yoga instructor and her classes are always challenging which is exactly what I want in my practice. Michelle always pays great attention to detail and takes great care in offering assistance to students when they need it. I have taken classes with many good yoga instructors but Michelle has a very unique ability to flow seamlessly through vinyasa yoga poses as if they are second nature to her. She has a great sense of humor and her manner is such that she makes students feel at ease while in class. She is always quick to assure us that we are capable of achieving great things inside the studio as well as outside if we maintain the right mindset. There is a reason why attendance for Michelle’s classes is always excellent. She has helped me tremendously with my practice and I have achieved new heights that I never thought were possible. Michelle is a great yoga instructor but most of all she is a wonderful woman and a great inspiration to everyone!”
~ John B., Queens, NY

“I have been following Michelle as a yoga instructor for at least 6 years. I welcome her vibe, her energy, her consistency in her strength and positive and honest messaging. She makes me work; she makes me want to step up my practice! The yoga community is a better place with Michelle!  Check out her classes and see for yourself!”
~ Jess K., Floral Park, NY

“Michelle is a wonderful yoga instructor. We were looking for private lessons at home and she was highly recommended to us by a yoga studio owner. She also has certification to teach children. She is really great with kids and plans her class well so adults and kids can take the class together. My 6 year old enjoys the class as much as we do. She would find ways to keep our daughter engaged. We highly recommend her!”
~ Momo L., New York, NY

“Michelle’s classes are excellent. She challenges us to do our best and supports us to always improve our practice. Since taking Michelle’s yoga class I have become physically stronger and more confident on and off the mat. She has a great personality and always puts a smile on my face. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to practice yoga with Michelle! “
~ Jeannine I., Flushing, NY

“Michelle is an excellent yoga instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed her inversion workshop, and love her yoga classes as well! She has a great talent for teaching students at different skill levels. This made me feel confident and safe. I highly recommend her classes!”
~ Andrea D., New Hyde Park, NY

Yoga in the Garden (1st annual), Flushing Town Hall, 2014. Photo: Shigemi Iyota

“Michelle is a fantastic instructor. She has a wonderful personality, combining a deep spiritual presence with a great sense of humor. She is knowledgable when it comes to technique, alignment and the flow of postures that make a great yoga class, and she is very good at teaching what she knows. She is able to keep everyone comfortable in a mixed ability group, providing that extra bit of support when someone needs it, and also that extra little push for those who want to be challenged to take it to the next level.  She is never intimidating, and always encouraging.  Her classes are always different, and she seems to be able to sense what her students need, offering options, modifying, adjusting, and spotting throughout.  I feel lucky to have found her, as she inspires me and challenges me when it comes to physical postures, and also grounds me through her talks at the beginning of class, reminding me to be grateful and accepting, and to just follow my path.”
~ Dawn G., Whitestone, NY

“I’m so very glad that I found Michelle as a yoga instructor. I can say that her classes are so well done. Each class is a different experience. There is no pressure and she always makes you feel so comfortable on and off the mat. Because of her I’m able to feel comfortable to try different inversions and poses. She knows how to help each student reach their potential. In addition, she has amazing playlists which helps the flow. Lastly, she includes humor which makes every class a fun time. If you want to try yoga or have been doing it a long time I highly encourage you to take a class with Michelle. Namaste!!”
~ Joey S., Bayside, NY

“I haven’t taken your class in several years but it is still firmly planted in my head as one of the best classes I ever had. Maybe I will find time to get there again soon. Michelle can teach any level of practitioner and is gifted in making people comfortable while still challenging them. She has a truly nurturing spirit. I would totally recommend her classes. 5 stars from me.”
~ Angela S., Levittown, NY

“I have been going to Michelle’s Sunday morning yoga class for almost 7 years now. She is phenomenal. I credit her with my progression. I highly recommend her.”
~ Suzanne J., Hollis, NY

“Michelle is wonderful! After our initial private session of couples yoga, my wife and I knew on the spot that we would be booking ongoing appointments.”
~ Justin L., New Hyde Park, NY

Yoga in the Garden (2nd annual), Flushing Town Hall, 2015. Photo: Shigemi Iyota

“I was a novice when I started with Michelle years ago and continue to grow my practice every session with her. She inspires me with words of wisdom and encouragement. She pushes me to be better and believes in me when I am hesitant about myself. Always cheery, she brings an energy to the practice that is infectious!”
~ Sharon R., San Francisco, CA

“I truly enjoy Michelle’s classes. They are well designed, challenging and creative. Michelle puts a lot of love and thought into designing them. I know I can always count on her classes to make the day better.”
~ Jane W., Flushing, NY

“Michelle is amazing!!! She is such a skilled yoga instructor who brings a warmth and familiarity that is truly her own. Her positive energy and gentle encouragement create an atmosphere that allows me to push myself and my boundaries, while still feeling safe and supported in my practice. Also, she plays rad music! Love her and Here and Now Yoga!!!”
~ Irulan B., Bayside, NY

“I feel very fortunate to have Michelle as my yoga instructor, not only is she an amazing instructor but she’s an amazing person with a wonderful heart. I highly recommend taking her classes!”
~ Lori L., Queens, NY

“Michelle knows yoga and creates a supportive relaxed environment. Good music and good times plus a great work-out!”
~ Daphne S., Brooklyn, NY

Playing around at Samudra Yoga, Garden City, NY, 2019 (Side Crow) Photo: Yahaya Musa

“Michelle’s yoga class is always challenging and fun. She builds your confidence and helps you to enhance your practice. Always a good class and a good time!”
~ Abbe L., Little Neck, NY

“I love taking class with Michelle. She is consistently amazing at how she delivers a both fun and challenging practice . Her style and creativity make her class one of a kind.”
~ Lisa B., Queens, NY

“I enjoy taking yoga class with Michelle. She’s fun yet knows how to push her students to improve their practice. I look forward to practicing with her weekly.”
John M., Bayside, NY

“We found Michelle searching for a private couples instructor online. To say that we were fortunate to end up scheduling an appointment with Michelle without a referral is a understatement. She is a very skilled and knowledgeable yoga instructor. She creates a space that feels comfortable, supportive, and enlivening. Michelle is someone who will encourage you to challenge yourself while always remaining patient and making sure to check you are not over doing it. From the start, Michelle was attentive to our respective levels of experience with yoga, both as individuals and as a partners. She makes the experience fun as challenging as yoga can be. We decided to get a package of classes after our first session….Absolutely recommended!”
~ Kevin R., Lynbrook, NY

“Michelle is AMAZING!!
I’m not a yoga person, but I decided to give a try, and now I’m loving it!
She makes me feel so confident, and doesn’t let me say I can’t do it!
She helps me see how strong I truly am!”
~ Kimberly G., Queens, NY

Yoga in the Garden (2nd annual), Flushing Town Hall, 2015. Photo: Shigemi Iyota

“After taking an inversion workshop with Michelle, I left feeling confident about taking my practice to the next level. At first I thought I would be nervous, but Michelle has a special way of making you feel as if you got it. I never hesitated or thought I couldn’t do an inversion when she came to help me. I know that with Michelle I will one day accomplish my goal of performing inversions unassisted. Thanks for a great workshop!”
~ Nanette C., San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and Michelle’s classes still challenge me. She knows her students and how to help them achieve. I also enjoy her talks at the beginning of class.”
~ John M., Queens, NY

“Michelle is a wonderful instructor. I have no yoga experience at all and now I know at least 5-10 poses I can practice at home. I am definitely going to continue with her for a few lessons to sharpen my skills”
~ Lauren B., Sunnyside, NY

Yoga in the Garden (1st annual), Flushing Town Hall, 2014. Photo: Shigemi Iyota

“Michelle is a great yoga teacher, she meets her students at their level and  helps build them up. Her classes are fun and she will definitely give you a good work out, whatever level you are at.”
~ Micheline D., New York, NY

“Michelle is an amazing yoga instructor, she makes you feel comfortable during her classes and she will help you to modify poses or increase the intensity. She is patient, professional and kind. I highly recommend her classes.”
~ Lori L., Bayside, NY

“Michelle’s classes are fun, challenging, yet not intimidating. Classes are well structured with many options for all levels. The class atmosphere is energetic and supportive. If you want to learn inversions, Michelle is an excellent teacher able to guide you past your sticking points.”
~ A.A., Queens, NY

“Michelle is an amazing yoga instructor! My husband and I have been taking private classes with her and she has been able to provide a strenuous yoga routine while incorporating partners poses and keeping it light and fun. I would absolutely recommend Michelle!”
~ Alexis J., Lynbrook, NY